Coronavirus​ Updates

All of us at GHC-SCW are working diligently to monitor rapidly changing conditions about the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our membership, our staff and our community. Like every organization today, we are following the advice of the Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) and the Wisconsin Department of Health Servic​es (DHS) to determine the appropriate adjustments to when, where, and how we work.

New Temporary Clinic Services and Hours

Protecting the health and safety of our membership and staff is a top priority. We will be adapting alternate standards of care in response to this outbreak. ​


Hatchery Hill Clinic will temporarily become our Standard Access Urgent Care Clinic on the weekends and we are coordinating hours for patients without respiratory illness to be seen for urgent care needs. All members wanting to make an appointment will need to call GHC NurseConnect prior to visiting Hatchery Hill Clinic. This clinic will only see non-respiratory illness patients. Some appointments will be initially scheduled as telephone consults with a provider before an in-person visit is scheduled. We hope this change will help keep our non-respiratory illness patients safe from COVID-19, while also addressing their urgent care needs.​


Patients with respiratory illness symptoms are able to seek care at our Capitol Clinic and Capitol Clinic Urgent Care. Patients with urgent medical needs or who are experiencing moderate respiratory symptoms are encouraged to call GHC NurseConnect to schedule an appointment. Patients with mild respiratory illness symptoms are encouraged to stay home and check our website for home care instructions. People experiencing severe symptoms should call 911 or go to the Emergency Room.

  • GHC NurseConnect: 608-661-7350 or toll free 855-661-7350​


We are suspending all Chiropractic services until April 24, 2020. ​


We are suspending all Complementary Medicine services until April 24, 2020. ​All GHC-SCW classes are postponed until further notice.​​


Appointments in GHC-SCW Mental Health Services and Clinical Health Education are being completed by telephone.​


Curbside pickup is available for medications that cannot be delivered by mail. Members can call our GHC-SCW pharmacies to coordinate curbside pickup in advance of pickup. ​


Effective immediately, GHC-SCW will temporarily be changing our model of obstetric care in our clinics as well as at UnityPoint Health-Meriter hospital. Members of our Family Medicine with Obstetrics group will be rotating through UnityPoint Health-Meriter to provide labor and delivery management. We will also have a rotating model of care in the clinics for routine prenatal visits, postpartum maternal and newborn care. This means that members will likely be seeing more than one provider for their prenatal care and the on-call provider for their delivery. During this time, some prenatal visits may be conducted by telephone or video conferencing and access to in-person appointments will be limited to only essential services. More information can be found here.


We have temporarily closed our DeForest Clinic, Regent Mental Health site and our Complementary Medicine Central site. We will reopen these sites in the future. Health Information Management (HIM) Department is closing the Request of Information (ROI) pickup window at East Clinic until further notice.​​

All other clinic site locations remain open and will see patients without COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, or shortness of breath) for essential appointments. All people who walk through our doors will be screened for respiratory illness and fever symptoms. This includes patients visiting our pharmacy or lab services. If a person screens positive for respiratory illness or fever symptoms, they will kindly be asked to return home, to reschedule their appointment, or to contact one of the following medical evaluation methods: ​

  • GHC NurseConnect: 608-661-7350 or toll free 855-661-7350

  • Capitol Clinic Appointment Scheduling: 608-257-9700

  • GHC Care OnDemand - Telehealth

  • Virtuwell - Virtual Visit ​

If a person screens negative for COVID-19 related symptoms, they will be permitted to enter the clinic for their essential service appointment. The intention of this patient screening is to maintain a safe place to provide and receive care while minimizing community spread of COVID-19. 

Virtual and Phone Care Options 

GHC MyChart

To appropriately triage all members prior to appointment scheduling, we are temporarily suspending the use of routine office visit MyChart scheduling for appointments that need to take place within 7 days.

Virtual Appointments 

Our members can utilize our telehealth and virtual visit services by visiting *​GHC Care OnDemand or virtuwell. *Members with Badgercare, Medicare or HSA-Eligible plans have restrictions or limitations.

There are no antiviral medications to treat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and treatment recommendations include:

  • Stay home, Rest, Drink fluids and Take fever-reducing medications (Tylenol/Acetaminophen). ​​

At GHC-SCW, we have an amazing and talented group of people working on the front lines of our clinics and call centers. Our leadership team is working diligently to keep everyone informed on these developing changes.

Additional Patient Resources 

We have pulled together several targeted FAQs to help guide patients on how we all can be best prepared. ​

GHC-SCW COVID-19 Concerned Patient FAQ and Paciente Preocupado Preguntas Frecuentes 

GHC-SCW COVID-19 Exposed Patient FAQ and Paciente Expuesto Preguntas Frecuentes

GHC-SCW COVID-19 Case Positive Patient FAQ and Caso de Paciente con Diagnosticó Positivo - Preguntas Frecuentes

GHC-SCW COVID-19 Insurance Cov​erage FAQ and Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre la C​obertura del Seguro en Casos de COVID-19

GHC-SCW COV​ID-19 Coping with Stress FAQ and Hacer Frente al Estrés Durante la Pandemi​ca del Coronavirus


Additional External Patient Resources

We will also continue to update this webpage in the coming weeks, but encourage our membership to utilize the following websites for information.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Wisconsin Department of Health (DHS)

Public Health Madison Dane County

Partner Hospital Websit​e Links 

GHC-SCW is Committed to Stopping the Stigma

COVID-19 is impacting communities across the globe and is not unique to individuals of any race, ethnicity or country of origin. This virus does not discriminate. Public health emergencies are stressful times, but racist behaviors are not tolerated at GHC-SCW. Together, we can help slow the spread of this virus. Here are five facts about COVID-19 from the CDC that can help stop discrimination.​​


In the face of growing medical necessity, innovation is needed to keep both providers and patients safe. We are so proud of our Chief of Staff Dr. Alison Craig for inventing a sustainable way to allow COVID-19 testing to be administered without needing as much personal protective equipment. This equipment such as gowns, head covers, masks, and shoe covers are in great demand and under global shortage. These items are necessary to keep providers safe enough to do their jobs. It is staff like Alison that we are celebrating during this time as we lean on all medical professionals who are willing to risk their own well-being to keep us healthy.

Thank you for your continued patience whi​le we work to keep our membership healthy and safe. We truly are BETTER TOGETHER.​