The GHC Experience Guarantee



​GHC gives you the power to decide if your experience was worth what you paid.

If your experience at a GHC-SCW clinic doesn't meet your expectations, you can download our app, tell us about it, and at your request, we'll refund some or all of the costs associated with your visit.

We think that's just the right thing to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does GHC Experience Guarantee work?

  • If you have an experience at a GHC-SCW clinic that fails to meet your expectations, visit, tap the app to download and tell us about it. Using the app, or desktop version, you can request a refund for some or all of your out-of-pocket costs (up to $2,000). You trusted us with your care, so we will trust you to tell us what your experience was actually worth. The app is compatible with all devices and the form takes just moments to complete.

What does the GHC Experience Guarantee cover and when am I eligible?

  • Your refund request must be made no more than six months after your date of service. The GHC Experience Guarantee only covers visits to GHC-SCW clinics or providers.

What can I expect once I submit my feedback through the GHC Experience Guarantee App?

  • f you have requested to talk to us or have requested a refund, you will receive a call from our Member Services Team within three business days. They will speak with you on the phone and help process your refund if needed. If you requested to have some or all of your out-of-pocket costs refunded (up to $2,000), the Member Services Team will work with you to be sure it is returned to you through your original method of payment within five business days.

Learn more about the GHC Experience Guarantee here and more frequently asked questions about the program here.

Terms and Conditions

Like any other guarantee, there is fine print. There's not much of it, but if you'd like to review our Terms and Conditions, please click here.