Wellness Program

To continue our focus on your health and wellness, GHC-SCW has introduced a new, member-centric wellness program called ManageWell®. This online platform includes an entire suite of programs, activities and challenges that are fun, engaging and highly customizable to you and your health goals.

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ManageWell® has replaced our previous Wellness Reimbursement program and provides more opportunities to manage your healthy living habits. If you are a BadgerCare Plus member, please see the section labeled "BadgerCare Plus Members" below for more information.

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What is ManageWell?

Getting Started with ManageWell

Tracking Your Wellness with ManageWell

BadgerCare Plus Members

We are excited to announce that BadgerCare Plus members are now able to earn rewards while using ManageWell® beginning July 1, 2021! 
BadgerCare Plus members can earn points and be rewarded with Walmart gift cards* for healthy actions like getting a flu shot, tracking fitness, completing verified wellness activities and more.
  • Click here for more information on BadgerCare Plus Members and ManageWell®.

  • Click here to access a PDF of frequently asked questions about BadgerCare Plus Members and ManageWell®.

*Members should use the reward gift card for healthy or health-related purchases. The reward gift card may not be used towards the purchase of items such as alcohol, tobacco products or firearms.

Federal Government Members

GHC-SCW members who get their insurance plan through a Federal Government employer are not eligible for the ManageWell program.

ETF Members​

​Starting January 1, 2021, ETF members are no longer eligible for the GHC-SCW ManageWell program.

Taxable Income

The ManageWell program is considered taxable income during the year of payment. Your employer that you get your GHC-SCW insurance through may deduct taxes out of your paycheck for you​ and your significant other's ManageWell program payments.

Payments for Reimbursement

Payments for rewards are sent out on a quarterly basis. Please see the schedule below. All items need to be completed by the end of the quarter to earn points for that quarter.

Payment Schedule

Completed Date

GHC-SCW Sends Rewards

First QuarterJanuary 1 through March 31Mid July
Second QuarterApril 1 through June 30
Mid October
Third QuarterJuly 1 through September 30Mid January
Fourth QuarterOctober 1 through December 31Mid April