Complementary Medicine Therapeutic Sessions

Complementary Medicine at GHC-SCW Clinics

To help you reach your highest health potential, GHC-SCW offers Complementary Medicine to complement conventional medicine with alternative therapies.

Notice: As of December 2022, we are no longer selling GHC-SCW Complementary Medicine Gift Certificates. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Effective January 1, 2023

Complementary medicine services are now available directly from GHC-SCW providers. This change in complementary medicine services means that, while still available at a reduced price, services are no longer covered as an insurance benefit under GHC-SCW policies. Pricing is subject to change. Please contact GHC-SCW clinics or visit our GHC-SCW website for information about current pricing.

Schedule An Appointment With Complementary Medicine

To schedule an appointment with Complementary Medicine, please call (608) 662-5090.

Therapeutic Sessions and Service Fees


Please review our therapeutic session o​fferings and service fees in English he​re and en Español aqu​í​.


Please review our 2023 therapeutic session offerings and service fees here.


In addition to therapeutic sessions, GHC-SCW offers classes in yoga, tai chi and more.  View a PDF of our class offerings in English here and en Español aqu​í​. Sign up for classes he​re!

For information on the types of poses and tips shared during a GHC-SCW yoga class, watch this GHC-SCW Intro to Yoga video. This video will show you what you may experience during a GHC-SCW yoga class.  


Services provided within a GHC-SCW Clinic by a GHC-SCW Complementary Medicine Provider are limited to the GHC-SCW member benefit as outlined in the Benefits Summary. Members who find these services beneficial are welcome to visit the Complementary Medicine and Wellness Center on a fee-for-service basis after their benefit has been exhausted.